The differences

Success drives business and fiasco(s) drive government. Businesses are forced to stay fresh and on the forefront or they will have to mimic what their competition is doing to stay in the game. Once a competitor finds a better product, a better service, they have no other option but to find a better approach, adopt it, or their existence is over.

Unfortunately, government hardly changes until something goes wrong. For example: Misappropriation of funds, a bad audit report, an eye-catching accident, bad publicity from the media or a similar incident will produce change. Interesting enough, the change only deals with making sure that another incident of a similar nature never happens again. The change is designed to make sure that failure never reoccurs.

Secondly, Business and government view risk differently. Business views risk as a way money is made and government operates at no risk. Business spends money to make money. If a go-to market strategy proves to be a loser, the business stops doing it. If the strategy is producing a profit the business will continue with it and find ways to leverage it to make more profit. Business makes decisions based upon the impact to its bottom line. Risk and Reward and without risk you will never see any reward.

Government can never do this! They can’t be seen losing public funds they must explain where every tax dollar was spent. They have a financial audit trail to reassure the tax payer of its proper use.

Business rewards people. Government levels people. If you’re doing a good job and making the business money, you’re usually recognized. Businesses do not tolerate people doing nothing. Now for the government, very few people are recognized or rewarded for doing a good job.

We all know what nothing gets us in business; a trip to the unemployment line. Government creates their own bottlenecks and keeps them there. In this environment, taking a risk in order to achieve a higher level carries more risk than simply doing your job as prudently as possible. Procrastinating becomes more attractive than taking action if there is any uncertainty involved. Government ends up becoming a leveling influence on its work force that negatively impacts their abilities.

Jason Seyler


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom