The mayor, an arena, a vision

We read the front page article and were disappointed at the general indifference by City Council and lack of support of Mayor Campana for the hockey team and the vision the mayor has for the Pickelner Sports Arena Complex in general. My wife and I attended 5 hockey games and enjoyed the quality of the hockey product that was offered. My wife helped with the youth skating lessons as well as attended many of the open skates which were all well attended. I wonder just how many council members attended a hockey game or went to the open skates?? I remember council when the mayor was making his proposal for Kohl’s. He was not well received initially and I felt council was not clearly seeing the wonderful vision that Mayor Campana had for Williamsport.

Mayor Campana’s vision of a Skating/Hockey facility in the Pickelner Arena is certainly a bold step much like Kohl’s was toward making the city a place where people will want to come for activities that are available in Williamsport for the entire family. The Community Arts Center, Little League Baseball and the new Convention Center Complex being built in Loyalsock will have ties to the city, to new and wonderful businesses and restaurants. Williamsport is truly becoming a must destination for many to live, work and visit. Let’s get behind the mayor and support his vision for the Pickelner Arena and the Billtown Village Green that will be part of the complex.

Ron and Francine Collins


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom