The proof

Are we Americans going to allow gay marriage? You and I have been so apathetic that we have permitted rampant government sponsored abortions. These acts and the ilk are all sins. We have watched God or any reference to our Lord God, be stricken from every public situation, even our schools. The opposite of these acts are just what our nation was founded on. While writing our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, our founders went off for days, praying on matters and thoughts (at issue) until they got it right. The Jews, Catholics, Protestants worked together to put into law the principles necessary so everyone could enjoy religious freedom.

I can remember, as a young person going to school, reading the Bible citing the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and country. We respected and cared for our Jewish brothers and sisters who read and spoke to us when they wished to. In fact, a number of us played basketball at the Synagogue on a regular basis. A few of us attended services and social events at the Temple and Synagogue when invited. I have all good memories of my Jewish friends, in school, sports and socially. I can remember while in school, thanking my Jewish friends for setting the bar academically. We all would compete for the best grades. My Roman Catholic friends from Dutch Hill and Newberry, were the same way; we all competed. We all respected each other and each other’s religion. We all enjoyed freedom of religion and we blended well together. There was a tacit love for each other, truly a good experience growing up with such neighbors and friends.

Now, we have a government that doesn’t espouse the views we all were raised with. Our current President Hussein “O” has blatantly been dishonest when speaking to the American people. We cannot continue to permit what is going on, and feign and be apathetic as to what is happening all around us. Be it excessive government spending, health care costs, our national debt, our balance of payments, unemployment, our indebtedness to China, entitlements, anti-gun mentality, gay marriage, denouncing God, the marriage covenant, Islamic terrorism, and on-and-on. It seems like there has been such a moral decline, it is a wonder it hasn’t affected our patriotism. When I think of great leaders in the world today, I think of Benjamin Netanyahu and Tony Blair, but I don’t think of our president Hussein “O.” When I think of bad guys, I think of Putin and Chavez, etc., the guys our President cozies up to. When I served in the military overseas, it was under Nixon and Kennedy, my commanders-in-chief. I certainly wouldn’t want to serve under this guy in the White House today. I applaud our sailors and soldiers today for tolerating and putting up with him.

This “Obama” did not get his views overnight. His father published articles and a newsletter sympathetic to communism for years. Go see the move 2016.

What do we have with all of this. A declining nation. One which will be difficult for our grandchildren to prosper in. One which may be void of God in daily functions, one which will have eliminated guns, politicians who are so liberal they don’t hear the voices of patriots crying out espousing values and work ethic, and pride in ownership and wealth resulting from hard work. Apathetic, we are. Let’s change. The pen is more powerful than the sword, and God is more powerful than both. Let’s put our legacy where it counts: in our faith and our family and make government tow the line to our principles.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station