I know the subject of Megan’s Law isn’t the best topic. There some thing really needs to be addressed. How is it that a TV star can have so much control over the federal government.

He seem to singlehandedly get a law passed in record time. Because who’s going to dispute it . I’M talking about every one on this list be punished for the next 25 years. Those who were on it for 6 years, and have rehabbed, now face this.

They can’t move to a new house, can’t get a job because of criminal background checks have there face on a list.

You say who cares. Well, a drug addict has a better chance to get some where.

Some are on the list that shouldn’t be, nobody cares. Instead of having a personal vendetta, treatment helps. It’s stupid, paying for a crime for the rest of your life. But who cares.

Melvin McHenry


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom