We’re to blame

Since the school shootings in Newtown, CN, the debate has been renewed over whom or what is to blame for this and previous tragedies. I would like to suggest one group that has not yet been mentioned we the American people.

The root of this problem is not gun rights or gun control but what we as Americans have taught and passed along to the generations after us. Through our example, the media, and our schools, we have taught that we are a law unto ourselves, there is no absolute right and wrong, we are not responsible for our actions.

We have not taught that each life is valuable. Babies are aborted and little respect is shown for the lives lived by our elders. We have taken God, prayer, and the Ten Commandments out of our schools and communities because someone might be offended. Since we no longer teach morality and religion, respect for life and each other, and absolute right and wrong, which are foundational to any society, why are we shocked when tragedy strikes?

Each of us is responsible, for each of us is playing a role in the corrosion of these truths by either actively working to see them removed from our society or passively sitting by while watching them slip away.

The answer to the violence and shootings that we see is not more gun control legislation but restoration of foundational truths necessary for a safe, strong, and stable society.

Karen Gamble


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom