What progressive is

In a push for his idea of tax reform, a reader recently stated that we need a progressive governor and legislative in 2014.

Now for those unsure of what a progressive is, here are two synonyms for the word. The first is liberal which isn’t used so much by liberals these days as it has earned a more negative connotation than “progressive”. People understand what politically liberal is. The right despises it and the left is ashamed of the title.

The other synonym is “socialist”. Likewise this isn’t used so much by socialists these days as it has negative connotations amongst freedom loving people. People understand what politically socialist is. The right despises it and the left is ashamed of the title. But of the three terms, this one is the most truthful.

Speaking of socialist, the reader says change is as easy as ABC. I say that stands for An Altogether Different Bob Casey. For this Bob Casey is nothing like the other Bob Casey. This “blue dog” Bob Casey speaks with a forked tongue. He espouses a pro life position, then votes with his comrades in the senate to force upon the people against their will the socialist Obamacare. Never mind that this bill provides for the abortion he claims to oppose. And no one with a shred of intelligence buys his “but Obama signed an executive order” defense.

The Bob Casey I fondly remember, who served as our Governor, stood on principle. Even when those principles caused him to be denied by his own party to speak at their national convention, this honorable man did not waiver from his solid belief in the value and sanctity of human life. I wonder, does anybody know, are these two Bob Casey’s related?

Matt Rinker


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