A culture problem

In response to Dr. Vosk’s comments on the NRA.

The firearms manufacturers support the NRA with big bucks?


Since it is their livelihood and employment (remember employment?) for quite a few folks, why wouldn’t they support the folks who lobby for them?

If not for their support, who would lobby for MY right to keep MY firearms?

I am retired on a fixed income and I cannot keep the NRA active with my contributions. I certainly cannot count on my legislators to do it for me, as they are busy making re-election plans.

So, yes doctor, they are lobbying for the weapons industry….and for ME and millions of folks like me. You want to have a debate on the 2nd Amendment free of those whose only interest is in making money regardless of the consequences?

Just who would we get in that debate? It sure wouldn’t be anyone in Congress. We do not have a gun problem in this country.

We have a culture problem. In closing, I think it would be a fine show of support if all the Feinstein/Biden supporters in the country would turn in their firearms as a gesture of compliance.

John Haller


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom