A memory of Nixon

The charge against Nixon was minute compared to a look now. President Nixon tried to cover-up the action of his Party members who broke the lock to the democratic office door. He eventually resigned the Presidency.

I remember Watergate and a “feeding frenzy” that the democratic Court had over Nixon’s trying to protect his party. Hillary Clinton was a young lawyer on that court, I understand. I did not know anything about her then.

Now, you and I know about much worse actions of the Clinton’s 8 years in the White House, and, now the absolute shameful disregard for telling the truth saying the deaths of four or more Americans in the Benghazi terrorist attack was a video’s fault, that Hillary and Obama just lied about.

When Sept. 11, 2001, Hillary said, “Bush knew” after those attacks. She and Bill Clinton had left office just November 2000. They knew and didn’t do anything to stop it all their years in office.

Yet it doesn’t matter, and they are not brought to justice.

Jean Fuller