A product of times

The Newtown massacre did not just happen a month ago, it started back in the 50s and 60s and has only gotten worse as our greedy self-serving tax and spend imbecile politicians and presidents created a tax and spend giveaway of the Americans hard earned money with no remorse. Back in the 50s, a father working for 70 cents per hour raised and maintained his family and slowly our greedy money thirsty self-serving imbecile politicians and presidents through the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s with the cost of living and wages sky rocketing blew the Americans money and burdened the taxpayers with over 100- plus new taxes to satisfy their thirst for more taxpayers’ money until the father’s income would no longer maintain his family, forcing his wife to join the work force to maintain and make ends meet forcing the children to go without the guidance of right from wrong and respect for themselves and family values and today we are reaping the harvest burdens that fit squarely on the shoulders of are greedy money thirsty greedy self-serving politicians and presidents.

If you want to see the absence of a mother in the home just go to a high school football or basketball game and listen to the vocabulary and actions exhibited by the youth today without a care or who hears them. Foul words seem to be the norm. Adding to no respect for themselves or anyone around them. The youths’ minds are poisoned by TV and the games they play.

What America needs is a test given to all politicians of their intelligence, capability and ability to do the job and put an honest best foot forward in the interest of the voters who elected them instead of politicians with their hands out to every special interest group stuffing their pockets and grabbing re-election money.

Whether you want to believe it or not guns do not kill people anymore than knives kill people anymore than ball bats or explosives kill people.

Murderers will murder with or without a gun. If you want to stop gun violence as that in Newtown, our heroes from the service who have an 8 percent unemployment rate should be trained as school guards and every school in America should have at least one guard trained to handle any problem that occurs.

What good are gun or drug laws if they are not enforced by a bleeding heart judicial system that protects the guilty and forgets about the rights of the innocent?

Robert H. Temple