A travesty

The gun violence taking place in this nation, and in our own local communities, is a travesty. What is even more of a travesty, is the reaction by the NRA, the gaming manufacturers, and the film and TV industry. I also find the reaction of every citizen, who makes excuses for not wanting better control, or a ban on selected types of guns, and who hide behind what they believe to be 2nd Amendment rights to be deplorable.

There is no reason for anyone to defend owning any weapon that is capable of what has been coined as an “assault” weapon; or the clips that hold the number of rounds that these weapons are capable of utilizing. The purpose of gun ownership today is for hunting, and other shooting sports. These weapons known as assault weapons are not used in hunting; because they are too violent for the sport of hunting. Yet, we allow the ownership of them in private collection. Why?

Each day we read about gun violence in society…every day. It’s simply not acceptable anymore. Then it’s all blamed on mental health concerns. Anyone that uses a gun in what we call a civil society against another human being would have to have some form of mental issue, to believe it is acceptable. Guns are the problem.

It’s time to stop giving it lip service, and finally make it a mandatory death sentence to anyone who uses a gun, or other weapon in the death of another person. Furthermore; the person who owns that gun, or weapon; unless they show how they weren’t responsible for allowing that weapon to be obtained, or used in any crime, should face charges that would require a prison term of no less than 25 years, and in most cases, a lifetime sentence for allowing their gun, or other weapon, to be used in the death of another person.

The gaming industry, the film and TV industry, and certainly the NRA; should stop defending their deplorable records on standing against this violence and realize they also have a major responsibility in promoting gun violence, or other violent acts, by their denial, and selfishness.

William L. McGill


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom