An attack

Dr. Vosk has yet another way to attack the Second Amendment of our Constitution by attacking the firearm industry and suggesting that they should have no input to the national discussion.

It is indeed sad that more of the nation’s hunters, recreational shooters and competitive shooters choose not to join and support the National Rifle Association. However, that fails to be a reason to ignore the advocacy for the Second Amendment which NRA supports. Does Dr. Vosk think that the Second Amendment is a mistake?

NRA was created to support the ability of citizens to maintain their marksmanship, so that when or if they are called to defend our nation from foreign attack they will be competent marksmen. Since NRA is the largest and oldest organization with that goal, it should not be surprising that the firearms industry should lend support to NRA.

NRA encourages and supports marksmanship training throughout the country.

Phillip G. Miller