Another politician

Listening to Sec. of State Hillary Clinton speak on Benghazi told us nothing. She as well as those we dumbly elected has yet to answer for that screw up. However, if you and I did such terrible wrongs we would be accountable. When are the citizens of this great country going to become frustrated enough to elect those who do not “Speak with a Forked Tongue?”

We need to oust those who constantly lie to appease us and place in office those who will protect this country even if we do not want to hear the truth. Instead of the politicians doing what their benefactors require of them they need to do what the overall citizenry needs are; not handouts, but jobs so every citizen will be able to pay their fair share.

“We the People” must right the wrongs, have stronger laws, (placing people behind bars for many years), for those who commit crimes no matter who they are or how much money they have. A wrong/breaking the law of those who do so must pay the consequences.

The sooner all of us get out and vote, the quicker the good “Old United States of America” will live up to the Constitution. Sitting back complaining and expecting the politicians to do what is right will not change until we do. Just because we do not have the courage to run for office and willing to take the stress does not make us any better than those whose only desire is to work for the good of this country and the people in it.

As a senior citizen who collects a small amount of Social Security I also work and pay back some of the money I receive every month. How about you?

Ida M. Temple