For the Hall

Fond memories of my father recently surfaced in the wake of his sudden death in January. While reminiscing with family and friends, one question frequently arose which none of us could find a plausible answer to. Nor had past inquiries to the powers that be afforded us with an answer. Why was he never inducted into the West Branch Hall of Fame? His baseball accomplishments locally and professionly seemed to be on a level worthy of induction, especially considering the number of inductees with lesser credentials. Was he somehow forgotten, overlooked, or just deemed unworthy? Was he not popular enough, or was he just snubbed? Try as we might, none of us had the answer. But this we did understand—he was an unconditionally loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather and a very talented baseball player as his record attests. He never sought out the spotlight, popularity or recognition, it was just not his way. He was a man of strong virtue and good moral character. And so we decided he was already in “OUR” Hall of Fame. It required no induction ceremony, for it was something he earned over a lifetime of hard work and devotion, of which baseball was a seemingly small but important part. Having said this our question no longer requires an answer. We have come to realize our lives are so much less without him, as is the West Branch Hall of Fame.

John F. Raisch


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom