Gas held hostage

This is in response to the showing of the documentary, “Truthland,” by Shelly Depue at the Community Arts Center concerning the Marcellus Shale. It was shown to a panel of about 30 people referred to as experts on the subject, who claim they have no definitive answers, why there would be any negativity from anti-gas opponents.

An elected or appointed individual does not become an expert simply by being victorious in an election or hired to perform a job.

How many years will pass before the general public will have the privilege of having natural gas available in their homes at an affordable price? The $600 to $900 a month which we are paying for heating oil during the winter months is making the Middle East countries rich, while it is destroying our economy as well as promoting poverty within our country.

Our taxes will never be reduced as a result of the natural gas boom. Everyone knows it won’t. Speculation is a venture in which chances are taken. How has this economic boom in Lycoming County benefited everyone, as our elected and appointed leaders constantly emphasize as their claim to fame?

Wind and solar energy has been suggested, but is not readily available for us. Natural gas could be readily available to the general public, but we will be the last to benefit from the natural gas beneath our homes.

This gas will be held hostage in capped wells until demand forces up the price, at which time it will become marketable to neighboring states and foreign countries.

Eventually, natural gas will be available for use in automobiles, then the same game will come into play, like the oil companies have been playing cat and mouse with us over the price of gasoline since the 1970s. That will be years down the road and that is our definitive answer from anti-gas groups as well as individuals, as we see it.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.