Get back to basics

A teacher was fired because he gave a Bible to a student who asked for one. Our country was built on Biblical principles, the Bible being the main textbook in school.

All the great colleges began as Christian. The Founders built our government on the Bible. What happened that brought us to this havoc we’re in, when people fear to sent their children to school.

Teaching the Theory of Evolution has ruined countless lives – it says there is no God, no hope, no eternity, no purpose. In 1963, Bible reading and prayer were removed – removing the light only leaves darkness, evil and confusion.

Tolerance has been embraced for everyone and everything except for respectability and Biblical principles, which are mocked by the majority. Abstinence is forbidden, but contraceptives are given, teaching that it’s OK to be promiscuous. Children are confused, their lives are torn apart by broken homes. Everything is out of control – the government, the schools, the home.

We must go back to basics – putting God first in our lives, our homes, our schools and government. There is only one way to the Peace, Joy and Hope people long for, and that is to receive the gift of God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He came to give us Abundant Life.

Dorothy Koontz