Gun control care

Gun Grabbers believe sacrificing just one child or many in Gun Free Zones, or condemning a few cosmetic features on semi-automatic rifles is advantageous, for then the media and uninformed public will demand more prohibitive gun control laws.

They’ll convince the gullible that Gun Free Signs deter psychopaths and criminals from murdering innocent people just as speed signs impede highway speeders. They’ll congregate at all Gun Free Zone killing fields like vultures swarming over fresh kills and squawking for greater firearm restrictions. They’ll never question why Utah’s school teachers with firearm permits have experienced zero school shootings, nor explain why some of the 6.2 million school teachers volunteering with firearm permits would not be capable and inexpensive candidates for defending their school children.

They’ll condemn the 323 semi-automatic rifle deaths in 2012 and neglect the 496 hammer deaths, and ignore 2.5 million defensive gun uses each year.

Missouri’s anti-gun Democrats introduced a confiscation bill requiring gun owners to dispose their legally acquired assault weapons in 90 days or become a felon. New York City in 1967 required gun owners to register their rifles and promised never to confiscate them, and then in 1992 Mayor Dinkins reclassified them and used the cities registration list for confiscation.

William L. Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom