Gun reality

This is a response to Grant Berry Jr.’s “Gun Solution.” Mr. Berry starts out by saying “He doesn’t know much about the history of guns”. He also states “when the 2nd amendment was written they had muzzle loading rifles-pistols and cannon”. He thinks that is the type weapon the citizens of our great country should have now. I think that is a wonderful idea.

They had horse and wagon for transportation. They had no cell phones, computer’s or television. I will gladly give up my modern style firearm’s when Mr. Berry gives up his modern gizmos.

I’m sure if those very wise men who wrote our Constitution were here today they would have no problem with our modern firearms. They would know our firearms could protect the population from enemies both foreign and domestic.

I have been around firearms all my life and one thing I know for sure, take any kind of firearm, load a high capacity magazine into it, lay it on a table in a room full of knowledgeable people and it won’t jump up and hurt anyone.

I wonder if the great patriots that founded our country, when the British came marching down the road, beating on their drums, and AR-15’s would have been available to them, what would they have used? I know what I would use. God Bless America!

Steven E. Harman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom