Hockey and prisons

Where do I start? The Lycoming County Jail must be replaced, I guess. But when it was built downtown the reason it wasn’t built at the old county farm was the cost of transporting the inmates to the courthouse and back. Well, now that is not a problem, so let’s now build it at the old county farm for $40 mill because the current prison can not be expanded, no available land around the current prison. Who knew we would be able to transport prisoners to and from the courthouse?

The mayor had to have a pro hockey team and they can play outside at Bowman Field, at no cost to the city! The city will make sure that the taxpayers are not going to foot any bills. Well? Looks like the taxpayers are at least going to pay the utility bills and then sue the entities involved. We don’t know the cost of repairing Bowman yet, but if is more than the $20,000. The city was given, then the tax payers will foot that bill also.

Who knew hockey fans would not sit outside in the winter to see hockey?

Dean Rabert


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom