I couldn’t do it

I tried but I couldn’t. I couldn’t listen to the SOTU speech. When he finally said that the rich could pay a little more, I turned the sound off.

I just sat there watching Speaker Boehner’s tan get darker and darker.

But, what did strike me was the wealth in the room. How many billions of dollars was represented by the politicians in the Chamber?

And yet these same millionaires will get government pensions and free healthcare for the rest of their lives working as lobbyists and on the lecture circuit. They will get invited to lavish parties and go on junkets with their buddies still in government.

Yes, the royalty was all there that night, complete with the March of the Victims. Unfortunate people who were noticed by the government, shipped in to be pawns to push for the next assault on our freedoms. Is one gunned-down child in Chicago more precious than another I ask?

And after hearing of how the government will strive on to take better care of us, the masses will say,” How can we live without our Beloved President?!”

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom