In disagreement

I am writing with regards to your recent piece “Agents: Brisk pace for middle-class housing in region”. I have two disagreements.

One: You talk only to real estate agents. Of course the real estate agents want all of us to believe that everything is good and hunky-dory! They claim “If you are a buyer…you don’t have much time to consider things” as well as “The key is sellers have to price their house right.” This sounds to me like real estate agents made up a news story that will provide justification when they try to convince their buyers that they better hurry up and buy as well as convince their sellers that they better lower their prices. But why should they? Why should anybody buy? Buying and owning a house is a dead end, a scam.

Second, what is the “middle-class”? Your article uses it in the headline but does not mention it anywhere in the body. I think “middle-class” is a scam. The label came to be in the 50s as a way of dividing the working class. Housing ownership (which is a scam) supposedly makes you “middle-class” instead of “working class”. Everybody is middle class these days and every politician claims they want to “help” the middle class! But the fact is the middle class and the whole understanding of class on which such a label is founded is a scam. There is only one true determinant of class – objective relation to the means of production.

Michael Thompson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom