Leave Lottery alone

This concerns Gov. Corbett’s proposal to make Camelot Global Services – a British based company – the administrator for the billions of dollars in our state, from gambling casinos for the next 30 years. This money has been and still is bringing much needed property tax relief to all needy retired senior citizens of this state who are forced to pay property taxes on the home they own and live in.

Guidelines for this program are determined strictly by yearly income. Seniors with the lowest yearly income receive larger rebates than seniors in higher yearly income brackets. When it comes to the cost of living allowance, greed takes over and like most programs, those with the most, receive the most, and those with the least continue to receive the least. This is a common practice that is unfair in nature. We all paid into the social security system, but yet we are not being treated equally.

We retired seniors have not contributed anything to this Lottery gaming program; however, it is contributing to the cause for which it was originally intended. It is not broke, so it doesn’t need fixed. Property tax relief for the retired elderly is based on their yearly income. We should start backing legislators such as our state Rep. Rick Mirabito, who speaks out against privatizing our state’s Lottery program. A good legislator should receive our backing, a bad one should be voted out of office.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.