Make it stop

When will the insanity stop?

1. We have in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a Governor who has severely cut aid to education in the last several years. New educators, just out of college, are unable to get jobs. Local schools have been forced to raise taxes or not able to raise taxes due to laws about how much the districts are allowed to raise taxes. Curriculums have been severely damaged.

Governor Tom Corbett now wants to increase funding to education, but only with concessions from public school teachers on their retirement benefits, which the teachers have through contract negotiations and personal contributions. What about our elected officials?

Corbett wants to fund education block grants with the sale of liquor stores, a one-time happening, and the sale of liquor licenses. Let’s pair up education with liquor insane!

2. We have a country in which more people are killed in one major city, Chicago, each year than all the Americans killed in Afghanistan during wartime. The president, after two tragedies this year, asks for us to stop buying assault rifles and ammunition magazines of 50 or more rounds. What happens after that? More people go to sporting goods stores where more firearms are sold than anytime in recent history. “Bad Guys,” can steal to commit homicides. How many people, “Good Guys,” are killed because they have firearms in which to protect themselves? Or maybe they just have weapons to defend against government tyranny or to suppress insurrections. Insane!

3. The oil companies are getting rich, not through supply and demand, but by attaching their prices to the future markets on Wall Street. They then blame every natural disaster, man made disaster and every market increase on the cost of gasoline. In the meantime, the cost of every commodity is going up because of gasoline prices. Insane!

4. The Federal Government is $16 trillion in debt. Is that a number anyone can comprehend? We have a health insurance policy that says everyone has to buy health insurance under the “Affordable Health Care Act”. If everyone has to buy health insurance it should cost less, but everything that I have read reports that it is going to cost more. Insane!

When will it stop?

Philip W. Herfort