My new hero

My new hero, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, really tells it like it is. How refreshing to hear a high profile M.D. who is not a sycophant of this administration. Just as in Old Testament times, when a king surrounded himself with “yes men,” there was always one brave prophet who would stand up and speak the truth right to the king’s face.

Dr. Carson addressed the pitfalls and impracticality of the health care law, as well as the proposed changes in the tax code. It’s hard to come up with a good comeback against the Scriptural rule concerning tithing. In Bible times everyone from the richest to the poorest paid the same rate; ten percent. None of this jazz about a particular group paying its “fair share.”

The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, wanted everyone to have skin in the game. If a flat percentage is good enough for God it should be good enough for our government. Some will complain that if everyone paid the same rate it wouldn’t be felt as much by “the rich.” Is it the government’s job to make sure that certain people “feel the pain?” And when the good doctor was challenged by someone as to a physician’s expertise in the field of political discourse he reminded his critic that a number of physicians were among the founders and framers of our republic. Ben Carson for President, or at least Surgeon General. God Bless you, Doc!

Ken Robertson