Not pretty

The economic report for the city of Williamsport is in and it’s not pretty. Over the last year our unemployment rate rose from 7.4 percent to 8.2 percent. We now have the tenth highest unemployment rate among major labor markets in Pennsylvania. What’s worse is that this happened while the Federal rates were dropping and our economy has been aided by the natural gas industry.

The economic strategy (if there is one) promoted by the state of Pennsylvania and the City of Williamsport has failed and continues to fail. We need a pro-job growth strategy. We have low labor market costs, low energy costs, a good water supply, access to huge markets over good roads, and quality educational and healthcare institutions. Instead of the myopic view espoused by our State and City government, it is time we invested in the future.

We have and should have every reason to believe that we can attract manufacturing businesses that provide good paying jobs. It is time we stopped sitting on our hands and got moving.

Elliott B Weiss


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom