Not safe

As a result of the recent shootings here in Williamsport, Mayor Campana went public to assure us that Williamsport is safe. I beg to differ.

I’ve lived in Williamsport since 1989, and since I use a wheelchair I’ve been housed in a HUD-subsidized building where many other elderly and “disabled persons” have been concentrated. The general area here both in these buildings and the surrounding neighborhoods is comprised of many low-income people and ethnic minorities. All of us to some extent are vulnerable to crime, and I believe many criminals are attracted to this area to prey upon us because they see us as vulnerable and as people whom the local police may not adequately protect because we are not valued.

The consequences of this social policy is more than just theory on my part. I’ve been a crime victim in this city numerous times. I’ve had people swindle me out of money and steal from me. A neighbor of mine fired several shots from his pistol outside of my window possibly killing me, another neighbor assaulted a woman who works in my building and threatened to kill the rest of us, and another neighbor of mine was robbed of hundreds of dollars and her cell phone.

The mistake we made was that we trusted people here.

If Mayor Campana thinks Williamsport is safe, then he lives in a different Williamsport than the one I live in. I’d love to see his reaction if his wife decided to walk these streets at night alone. If he’s sincere about the safety of Williamsport, then he wouldn’t object.

Joseph Jagella


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom