We as Americans are about to see change to this country that we never in our wildest imaginations ever thought possible, and seemingly, we can do nothing to stop it. I just listened to a report by Betsy McCaughey, a lawyer, who has taken on the horrific job of pouring over the 2,572-page Obama healthcare law. This bill will change America but, one of the most distressing parts of this entire law is the all out attack on the unborn and seniors. Hospitals, doctors, hospice, and senior care providers will be forced to give care to the same number of patients with hundreds of billions less money. Yes, I said billions. This law will take $716 billion of Medicare funding and place it into entitlements for those under 65. The sad part of all this is that healthcare providers will be forced by law to give less care to seniors with the possible outcome of many dying of conditions that they would survive with more focused care. It breaks my heart to see such disregard for the sanctity of life whether old or young. This bill also provides mandatory funding to the abortion industry.

Our country is in trouble because we’ve turned away from a loving, caring God that gives us a freedom of choice to follow His principles and precepts or do our own thing. After 63 years, I can tell you that life is precious and death is certain, but you have a choice as to whether your heart becomes hardened or softened. I believe that most of our elected officials, whether Democrat or Republican have lost all sense of doing what is the good and right thing for the people and look only toward instant gratification, their own. Nancy Pelosi once said, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it….” We are just beginning to find out.

I honestly believe God is not done with America yet, but we must turn from our own selfish ways back to Him and then He will once again bless America.

Pat Bower

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom