I cannot believe the governor of Pennsylvania is honestly considering privatizing the Lottery, but, what is worse, to a company outside of the United States. The Republican Party has criticized the president for bailing out the automotive industry and saying jobs were created overseas; and here, one of their top leaders, is wanting to out-source a Pennsylvania operation and send it to England. In doing this, he will keep one of his election promises – he wanted to bust the unions within the operations of the Commonwealth and so out-sourcing the Lottery would be one way of accomplishing his goal.

The governor is not permitted to run again so he does not care what he does to the working people of Pennsylvania and this move would definitely express that action.

Why would you want to outsource a Pennsylvania operation to a company outside the United States? And why would your fellow Republicans who sit in their over-paid elected positions go along with this move? Where is that “caring” for the working middle class people of this Country that your party so strongly talks about on a daily basis?

Instead of concentrating so hard on outsourcing to an over-seas company, why don’t you concentrate on creating good paying, lasting jobs for the citizens of this Commonwealth? Why fix something that is not broken? And, if your argument is that the Lottery is losing money, then why don’t you over-haul the regulations on who is allowed to benefit from the revenues created from the Lottery. It was designed for the Seniors of this Commonwealth, not for those who are capable of working but rather would sit at home and let the Commonwealth mail them a check each month and I know for a fact they, too, benefit from the rent rebate program, transportation system program, etc.

Governor, get the legislation changed on who should benefit from the Lottery revenues and stop trying to sell a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania department to a country over-seas. Shame on you!

Alesandria (Sandy) Hughes

Lycoming County Democratic

State Committee Woman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom