Smoke and mirrors

We’ve heard the term sequestration a lot lately, but what does it really mean. It is much ado about nothing. The president has been calling it a manufactured crisis and telling us that if Congress doesn’t stop it, the sky will fall. He’s half right. It was manufactured in that he proposed it as part of the debt ceiling deal in 2011 and that very few of the dire consequences he promises need to happen even if Congress does nothing.

The sequester is a 2.2% reduction in the federal budget, which is less than the automatic annual increase. That means that total government spending will actually increase. Half of the cut will be to defense, the only real spending reduction, which amounts to a 7% cut in defense spending. That isn’t desirable, but if properly handled will not endanger the country to any great extent. The cuts to the remaining budget are less than 1.5% and the Administration will determine where those cuts will happen.

The President has promised to fire several hundred thousand teachers, policeman, and firefighters and cut healthcare for hundreds of thousands of others. What kind of action is this for a man that claims to care about common people? He has also promised to end the prosecution of criminals. Either he is lying to us, or he is the worst administrator in the history of the world. The bottom line is that the sequester is not even a good start at cutting spending and the scare tactics being used by the President, Congress and the media are shameful.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom