Smoke screen

A smoke screen is when the real intent is hidden in the words and direct eye contact is made with a camera that comes into our home on a TV set. Let’s consider three of the presidential administration goals. First, the deficit, second Obamacare and finally gun control. It is on the record when our current president was a senator he disapproved an increase in the debit ceiling. Now that his feet are in a different position he is all for increasing the debt ceiling and blaming the other party for its recalcitrant position.

The second and third run into each other. When we go to the doctor or the hospital we are given a privacy paper to sign; I have signed so many I can wallpaper a room twice. Do we have a right to privacy from the federal government? Now here is the smoke screen anything that is written into a computer will be used in future gun background checks. What do I mean? A new bureau will need to be created if one does not already exist to collect and store this information for future use. Just think of all the records on computers–school records K to 12. Dept of Transportation, college if attended, court records, bank records and statements we receive, IRS, State Revenue, credit card statements and the list goes on and on and on. Now the old saying “big brother is watching you” needs to be changed to “big brother is on the pillow next to you.”

We thought the Russian secret police was terrible; they will look like a child playing on a playground merry-go-round in comparison to what is happening in our nation’s capitol.

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom