Southern Tioga schools

I am a taxpayer in the Southern Tioga School District. I agree with Superintendent Keith Yarger in deciding that the district has to close a school to balance the budget by 2015. I cannot agree with the decision that Liberty High School be closed. LHS has all the advantages to keep it open: consistently high PSSA scores; high academic standards; excellent music program; excellent teachers; excellent student behavior; structurally sound building; sensible floor plan; plenty of green space; on site parking; and a great support staff. Did I mention location away from heavy traffic and other safety issues?

On the other hand, five board members have decided to keep the building open that needs the most work and most money to keep it open, North Penn High School (NPHS). I am not saying they don’t have good teachers or many achieving students, but all the other factors are just not there. The water problems and sewage limitations are just top of the list concerns for NPHS. So what is the main reason for rebuilding NPHS? Is it for the boys in blue that wear helmets? Is it for Island Park Complex? Is it that Liberty just doesn’t matter?

The public has voiced their opposition many times and in many ways about this situation, yet the school board refuses to listen to reason. The football team and the cheerleading team can still exist as can the use of Island Park. It does not mean the school has to be rebuilt in Blossburg.

But wait, here is the rest of the story. The school board will soon vote on closing Blossburg Elementary School to make enough room for all the high school students from Liberty and in the future even Mansfield High School. I am wondering how the parents in Blossburg will react to sacrificing the little lambs to go over the dangerous Bloss Mountain to Liberty in order to keep the old high school in Blossburg? What will it take to stop this runaway train?

Baiba Kreger PhD


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