The Common Denominator

Ronald Reagan called Russia the evil empire. The United States of America is on a fast track to replace Russia as the evil empire. Why? Our government is spinning out of control, because of schemes of wickedness. These plans all seem to have our best interest in mind.

But when held up to the light of truth, we see them as false. We have been led to believe a lie. All of mankind is in trouble, because one person, was led to believe a lie.

Government is to protect us, from evil forces. Instead, our government, is becoming the evil force. This is why, I stated in a previous article published on January 19, (Thus, the 2nd Amendment) that the Church, has got to be involved in politics. The Church that establishes freedom, through faithfulness. Our founding fathers, were of this type of Church.

This great country, was established by people, who had Godly convictions. The one conviction that held all things together, was truth. Truth sets you free. No matter what your back ground, truth is the one “Common Denominator “that will keep us all free from a tyrannical, evil government. Do not be deceived, know the truth.

Michael D Freezer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom