The fear of guns

A person asked on Facebook, “Why are liberals afraid of guns?”

Guns are designed to kill people, that’s why.

People are not perfect. We make mistakes. We make poor decisions or have bad judgements. By its very nature, gun ownership demands hyper-vigilant responsibility. One little mistake could mean a lifetime of misery. One tiny miscalculation could mean an irretrievable moment of profound sadness.

Why do people feel the need to own a gun? What are they afraid of? Why do they love the gun? An instrument that is more likely to hurt its owner than an intruder?

While many may feel safe with a gun nearby, I feel the opposite. Any gun owner can become unhinged, enraged, suicidal or mistaken. Their gun makes them a highly lethal threat to public safety. As I write this, an ex-cop is allegedly on a murderous rampage in Southern California. He was subjected to the ultimate background check for employment with the LAPD. Yet, now he is defined as dangerous criminal.

The only real answer to gun violence is the unthinkable: To ban all guns everywhere. But you and I both know that isn’t going to happen. People are too afraid to let go of their guns.

Richard James


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom