The liberal stranglehold

This letter concerns a small story in Feb. 18 issue. It seems a Pennsylvania man beat another man to death with a hammer. How many more of these senseless killings must we have before we the citizens rise up and demand the government enact some form of hammer control? Perhaps this person would be alive today if hammers were prohibited. Maybe we should only be permitted to own very soft hammers. Sounds pretty ridiculous!

Well, banning guns sounds just as ridiculous to the honest gun owners in this country. It doesn’t matter what the instrument is, it’s the crazy person in control of it. Liberals are about taking your rights and your money. They have to keep feeding the welfare monster. This secures that part of their voting base.

Next we come to our schools. Who runs the education system from bottom to top? Liberal pretty much do. They infuse their ideology into their daily teachings. After all, they need to turn out as many liberal students as possible, thus increasing their voter base more.

We somehow must add more conservative teachers and administrators. Unless we can break the liberal stranglehold on education, our country as we know it will cease to exist.

John Chesnut

Muncy Valley

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom