The same trap

So it seems that this country is falling into the same trap orchestrated by the same people, again. With the U.S. involvement in Mali increasing, it appears that America is headed for another undeclared war. Never mind that the common American can barely afford to live without assistance of some sort. When will we learn our lesson?

It is ironic that President Obama, in his second inauguration speech, declared that a decade of war is coming to an end. The administration is not giving out too many details regarding if CIA operatives are involved, if drone warfare is being employed, or if special operations forces are on the ground in Mali. So it seems that another impoverished nation needs to be invaded by “Western Forces”.

Some would say this intervention is necessary to prevent the spread of extremists. Since the 1950’s, the U.S. foreign policy has been remarkably the same. From invading Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Libya it seems that the Military-Industrial Complex is thriving.

Not to mention that we overthrew a democratically elected leader in Iran in 1979 and established the brutal Shah as a replacement. Is it any wonder why American sentiment is not the greatest around the world? Yet we continue these occupation campaigns on the grounds that these fundamentalists “might” do something. I would say that is truly un-American; yet American citizens can be assassinated if they are considered a terrorist by the Administration. It seems that American values are being corroded daily and new, more ominous ones are now the norm.

As long as America continues to blindly invade country after country, expect American resentment to grow. Instead of keeping bases in 130 different countries, perhaps we should spend more money on our national defense and protect our citizens here at home against invaders. Sad as it is, it seems that the Administration wants to protect us from us. With the unconstitutional TSA, Homeland Security, IRS, CIA, and a plethora of other big government waste patrolling the streets, expect more of our freedoms, money, and security to be usurped. May our children forgive us.

Christopher Erdman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom