To the gas industry

Many of us are not happy to see the gas industry come to our area. We love our beautiful natural surroundings here in northern Pennsylvania. With the influx of the gas industry, traffic, noise, pollution and overcrowding have negatively impacted us all. One of the most notable aspects of the presence of the gas industry are the vehicles associated with drilling and fracking. Many of the drivers are very unprofessional. Speeding, illegal passing, not using turn signals and failing to stop for stop signs are just a few of the annoyances affecting us all. We know who they are as the trucks are usually marked or have out of state license plates.

The gas industry can greatly improve their image if they enforce their own safety rules and the laws of the Commonwealth as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and punish their drivers who disobey these rules. Many times while driving on the highway, a gas industry vehicle passes me while exceeding the speed limit by at least 10 MPH. On icy, snow covered roads, their behavior is especially dangerous. What makes you be in such a hurry that you must endanger lives? Is drilling a hole in the ground more important than the lives of your fellow motorists?

I am certainly not saying that other drivers not associated with the gas industry are perfect. Many are just as bad if not worse. I am saying that people who drive for a living are considered to be professional drivers and should act accordingly.

Randy Sanford

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom