Trainwreck in making

The Sun-Gazette Jan. 29, carried an article announcing that the Boy Scouts of America, Inc. are considering whether to allow gays to become members (boys, young men, and girls) and as Scout Masters (adult leaders). The Girl Scouts of America already allow lesbians as leaders and members.

The Boy Scouts of America, by tradition, have become the last bastion of decency and morality in the United States. But now, they are “mulling” allowing gays as members and leaders. The intent is to permit the “sponsoring organizations” to set their own rules and regulations governing admission. Such a decision will be a “train wreck in the making”. If enacted, that decision can only lead to the destruction of this outstanding, leadership developing organization.

The many mainline churches, including my own Lutheran (ELCA) denomination, have “caved-in” to the cultural pressure of the Gay Pride movement. Even morally stalwart churches such as the Roman Catholic Church, have “caved-in” to the social pressure of this cancerous culture. Officially, the Roman Catholics have not given-in as such, but they have “played around” with the concept by transferring priests to positions where they are not known and recognized as gay.

Gays have traditionally “preyed” on younger persons as their victims when they have not been able to “conquer” similar aged, same sexed persons or those of similar interest. They are “an easy mark” for their lifestyle.

The gay culture’s unrelenting pressure upon The Boy Scouts of America, has been rebuffed by the United States Supreme Court. The gay culture recognizes that the Boy Scouts of America offer a “ripe field to be plundered” by their aberrant culture.

Unless the Boy Scouts of America cease their interest to accommodate this aberrant culture, they must, in good conscience, remove the last line from their historic, honorable oath: “. . . and morally straight”, because they will have ceased to be “morally straight”.

Boy Scout Alumni of America: Rise up and protest!

Rev. Robert H. Logan (ret),


An Eagle Scout Dec. 10, 1948

Submitted by E-Mail