Ray Tyler’s letter Jan. 27th does not seem to be compatible with reality.. The $16 trillion debt is not the consequence of social welfare and health care spending, as Tyler implies.

We spend far less per capita of our national and state budgets on people’s economic and education needs than any other modern industrialized country. Rather, the debt is the result of our bloated military budget and the endless wars against terrorism for which both political parties are responsible.

Although Obamacare has not really kicked in yet, it is true that small businesses stand to be negatively impacted by the program. However, the solution is really the single payer system, a system which Americans have been brainwashed to reject. I’m sounding like a “grass is always greener” person, yet most other modern countries have such a system and it reduces individual payment of all health care to zero for the average person.

Under our system and even under Obamacare, health care premiums for “Cadillac” health insurance are much higher than what we would have to pay in additional federal taxes if we had a single payer system.

I’m also not sure what the writer means by “continued weak foreign policy.” The U.S. is hardly weak. We kill more people around the world, especially now with our drones, than any other nation. Is that being weak?

As for the federal hiring freeze, isn’t more federal hiring necessary to generate more taxes and investment, more purchasing? Why is the writer so opposed to that? If he is against tax and spend liberals he should endorse more federal hiring to reduce the number of people on unemployment and welfare.

Richard Sahn

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom