Over the past few months, I have been reading articles in your paper that I find downright upsetting.

1. Rep. Garth Everett and Mr. Freeze: If Mr. Everett wants to give Mr. Freeze his paycheck, that’s his business. Mr. Freeze created the problem and now he is paying for his misdoings. If he loses every cent he has, oh well!

2. I am not a hunter, so for the man who wrote in and stated he needed a large ammo magazine so he could hunt with maybe doing a little target practice might help him get his deer with only a magazine that would hold three or four shells. Or if he is that bad of a shot, maybe give up hunting.

3. The Fiscal cliff: The country is going down the tube again if the Fiscal cliff isn’t averted. So what do our great lawmakers do – they come to an agreement but not until millions and millions of dollars are appropriated for special interest projects. Talk about people who have their head up their you know what.

4. I have been reading and hearing on TV about the PA Turnpike tolls going to be raised and I guess they were. Now I read in the paper where the Turnpike Commissioners receive expense accounts, new cars and all sorts of freebies besides probably a healthy paycheck.

Are any of these people taking a pay cut? No, they want to pass it onto the little guy or gal that uses the turnpike as a means to make a living or get back and forth to work.

Ed McCormick