Well past time

I think it is well past time to get the Susquehanna Thruway moving forward, now! This was to have been done over 40 years ago and we are still waiting. The longer we wait the more it is going to cost. I visit family in the Hershey area quite often and every time I go through the strip in Shamokin Dam I get more frustrated.

The businesses are afraid it will hurt them, but I don’t see where I-180 around the Golden Strip has hurt those businesses at all.

At first I thought I agreed with Sen. Yaw about making it a toll road, but then I thought “why should we pay for something that we have already paid for”, through taxes, vehicle registration, drivers license fees, etc. It’s time we get the same money that Philadelphia and Pittsburgh get for their highway and mass transit systems. We have been bailing them out, so let’s get our share here for a change.

Deb Miller


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom