Which one

Who should city residents be more disgusted with, our mayor who foolishly pursued this hockey boondoggle, despite warnings from sources raising serious questions about such an enterprise’s viability, or our City Council who sat idly by while red flags were waved in their faces repeatedly and choose instead to simply rubber stamp this farce. Now when, predictably, this ridiculous endeavor collapses on its face, we the city taxpayers are left holding the bag.

The tab for the mayor’s ice capades goes well beyond the $36,000 electric bill that’s outstanding, but will also include the cost to restore the field and the costs for the electrical and other stadium upgrades that were required only for outdoor hockey. Also, it seems to me that a public accounting of the city worker manhours devoted solely to assisting the hockey team is in order.

Now when it has all hit the fan, council wags its collective finger at the mayor as if they bear no responsibility for this mess, and the mayor resorts to questionable self-help measures by changing the locks! Sadly, what our city elected officials have in common besides a lack of leadership is a shared belief that we, the voters, will forget about the catastrophic waste of taxpayer funds and city resources when they next stand for election.

David WIlk


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom