A destructive sham

The president is wrong to support Gay marriage. His whole argument is based on false information. Just like cancer cells are not normal and not healthy in the human body,

Homosexuality is not normal and not healthy in the human soul. The facts are clear. Even the U.S. government’s own statistics support this. The Center for Disease Control website… states that homosexuals have higher rates of substance abuse, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, hepatitis, HIV, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Gay men, less than 2 percent of the population, account for 63 percent of syphilis cases and are 17 times more likely to get anal cancer.

Just as cancer cells are unhealthy and lead to destruction of human organism. So homosexual relationships are unhealthy and lead to breakdown of society.

It’s time for the president and all Americans to wake up and stop denying the truth about homosexuality. Living in denial only leads to destruction. And we’re not being “kind or loving ” to our friends & family members by encouraging them to deny the truth of their condition. That’s not true love. That’s called “enabling” and is harmful to everyone involved..

As the worlds greatest teacher said: “Only the truth sets you free.” It’s time for all Americans to face the truth about homosexuality. No more lies. Gay marriage is a destructive sham.

Tom Seaman

Lock Haven

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom