I am so sad for the poor child found at our PJ Factory this week. I have been a resident artist there for a year and have always felt very comfortable and at home. I know many artists that have cots or mattresses in their studios. We are known to keep late hours at times and several of the tenants live far away as well. Rather than a late night drive, spending the night seems like a pragmatic decision.

I find it appalling and opportunistic for the focus to be on so called “residency” at the Factory when it should be on what has happened to this unfortunate family; something that could have happened anywhere. The Winkleman’s have in fact brought new life to Williamsport through the Pajama Factory and continue to grow the vision.

I have known that building well for more than 20 years and it was nothing much more than a rat trap save a few isolated businesses before the Winklemans’ bought it. The city of Williamsport and indeed all of our community need to get priorities straight and our house in order. Promote the good, fix what is wrong and step up to work together to improve our town. The Pajama Factory is certainly an admirable step in the right direction.

Holly P. Shull


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom