There has been a spate of derogatory letters written about the left wing ideology. Basically blaming the left for everything they view as wrong even within the right wing ideology and the Republican Party. They have done it with satire and diatribes and pithy unsubstantiated statements.

Here is a message that the right needs to hear and to understand. If the voter’s perception of you is bad it is because you preformed badly to begin with. Your image is viewed as bad it is because the image you keep projecting is bad to begin with. If your chosen leaders behave badly and immoral after campaigning as moral it is hypocrisy within your candidate not with the left. If you keep electing conservative candidates with less than moral character that is a moral flaw within you not the left.

It isn’t only the left that sees the flaws, the bad image, the bad performance or many of the other faults within the Republican Party. The independent voters have noticed, non-white minorities have noticed, women have noticed, young voters have noticed and most glaringly moderate Republicans noticed. The left has very little to do with the rights’s image, message or performance.

The right needs to stop blaming everyone for their problems they created for themselves. The longer the right continues to ignore their problems the longer the problem will exist and that is what the voters told them.

How do I know this the RNC’s own study of what went wrong in the last election and the various polls questioning voters opinions on the Republican party.

A study and polls the right chooses to ignore and decided instead to blame everything and everyone associated with the left.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom