BP trial

It’s time for the continued rape of a British oil company being blamed for the Gulf Oil Spill. I say this because the extent of the spill was ultimately the responsibility of this president and his minions at EPA and other departments. After the accident, there were numerous offers to help contain the spill from other countries. The president, to satisfy his union buddies, turned down the offers. When asked to bring in assets from other parts of the country, he declined saying, “no, they might be needed where they are.” What the President did allow was BP to take full responsibility for the clean up. No “all hands on deck” response, just, “let’s let BP do it, they have experience at these things.” And, if memory serves me well, this Administration did everything it could to interfere with the efficiency of the clean up. And, of course, all drilling by the United States in the Gulf of Mexico was halted but other countries can and are extracting oil from the Gulf. I feel the most important witnesses to call at the trial would be the President and his department heads involved in the clean up.

The conspirator in me asks,”was it really an accident?” What a perfect opportunity to turn public opinion against drilling for oil. The people would see such a terrible result from drilling in the Gulf and be totally against it. What a perfect scenario for a President and his administration who totally reject fossil fuels.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport