Chain yanked

In the past two weeks there have been two letters to the editor that have really yanked my chain.

First there is a “Reverend” and former Boy Scout who is protesting gays as troop leaders.

Do you even know anyone who is gay to make such accusations? Stating that gays “prey upon the young”, I would think you are talking more about a sexually confused and frustrated priest that we read about almost on a daily basis who abuse their power. Or maybe you are talking about a pedophile scout leader who preys upon the young. Do these people qualify to lead a Boy Scout troop?

I am a married, heterosexual conservative who thinks your way of thinking is extremely backwards and wrong.

Here’s a tip. Get educated and get a gay friend. They are fabulous.

Next, Mr Sensitive, who made reference to “Good Ole Mindy McCready”.

Wow. A woman with two children is dead. By the way, she suffered from drug and alcohol dependency all her life. She could have easily took a bottle of pills. Her suicide has nothing to do with gun control. It has to do with mental issues, drug dependency and not being able to deal with the world around her.

Obviously, anyone with two beautiful children who constantly resort to self destructive behavior has some major issues going on.

Tina M. Shay


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom