Charity at home

As we all know, Little League Baseball is a wonderful asset to our region.

Likewise, so is the First Community Foundation Partnership located in Williamsport. Both organizations are well run – and both groups are “well off”. However, one can’t help but raise their eyebrows at the recent article in the Sun- Gazette regarding a $300,000 “grant” being awarded (from the Foundation) to Little League International to help with the renovations of their museum.

There are hundreds of local non-profits in dire need of resources to keep their organizations afloat. Churches, food pantries, The United Way, Hope Enterprises, STEP, and the list goes on. Giving $300,000 to a non-profit who has $80 million in assets makes one scratch their head, to say the least.

It’s nice that visitors from around the globe will benefit from this new museum, but let’s remember that charity begins at home. I would strongly encourage the Foundation to go back to their roots of using donor funds and to help those in our community that are truly in need.

Margaret Johnson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom