Climate stonewaller

After serving up baloney to legislators who questioned him on climate change, DEP Secretary Krancer dished it out to StateImpact Pennsylvania, “There is no uniformity within the scientific community on how much the warming is occurring, and there’s no agreement about how much is attributable to the human part of it and how much is attributable to other factors.”

There is a grain of truth in that. Climate models predict between 3 and 8 degrees Fahrenheit rise by 2100. However, even the lowest prediction spells disaster, yet Krancer quibbles and claims the 5 degree spread constitutes “no uniformity”. I call that tobacco science.

Should we keep drilling holes in the bottom of the boat just because we don’t know precisely how much water is coming in through those holes? I call that insanity.

Does Mr Krancer actually believe the hogwash he’s spouting, or is peddling such nonsense the price for being in fossil fuels’ deep and comfy pockets? Does it matter? In either case, it is a completely unacceptable position for the head of DEP. Coupled with his lack of action to protect the environment and public health – for example he’s done nothing to reduce the unacceptable casing failure rate, at least 5% for new wells – the conclusion is clear; Krancer must go.

But it’s not just Krancer who’s betraying us on climate change. For several years I’ve been trying to get the Tioga County Commissioners to admit climate change is real and speak out. They too, like all politicians in thrall to fossil fuels, hide behind the sham excuse that the science is not settled. As for President Obama, while 50,000 of us rallied in Washington urging him to finally take action, he was in Florida golfing with oil and pipeline executives.

In a recent Pew poll, 73 percent of Americans said action on climate change is essential this year. Nevertheless, that’s not going to happen unless we confront politicians at all levels and demand that they serve the public interest rather than special interests.

John Kesich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom