Codes concerns

Is the codes office the right choice for handling the responsibility of validation and maintenance of renters records? I present a short list of concerns I have .

1. Electronic and on-site security reviews

2. Esurience of employees, certifications being held to high standards professionally and other wise.

4. Who pays and why for development and implantation of the new ordinance

3. Clearly defined and easily accessible reference material concerning how, when and who gets this information.

The last one is important. I urge everyone to demand clear and to the point policy structure.

If everyone, not just the authors or the politicians understand it, most will see the benefits of such an ordinance. I see the issues and possible abuse of something like this causing. That being said; upfront politics and proper planning could protect everyone and avoid the pitfalls some fear.

Heighten identification validity is a great idea. Codes handling this would help keep things up to date with spending less cash and man-power to due so . The nation has laxed on keeping their ids accurate it’s not illegal at all times but it is a troublesome factor every time. As an honest functioning citizen. This should not be a big deal. Most companies require accurate identification This type of ordinance could easily share it’s data with various agencies which in turn would hopefully cut down on things like social security fraud and delinquency. If you work and or use local, online services in your everyday life; updating this kind of data will make your life easier and safer.

Do you want an agency that has proven time and again to be susceptible to corruption and non-regulated policy choices to have this power? If a governing power feels it has to be indirect about forcing people to be more exact about their addresses; for the greater good. I wonder who’s intentions should be questioned ? The ones being apprehensive and not wanting to share or the ones that share only what they see fit ? This seems like a way to cut down crime and have another means to keep watch on the low income.

What is low income anymore? Slum lords as they are called may cheat the system and gain additional monies for renting rooms etc, but did you know the cost of living and pay rate ratio have almost made this common place ? I am assuming this realization has entered the minds of some of our officials . So instead of looking at ways to increase one’s worth to avoid these situations they ask for additional control ? Has the big plan really help so far? I believe the system as a whole has too many inconsistencies internally to demand more from it’s people . This micro-control for a future vision should be revisited to include more. I do not say this with malice however with all the cross-contextual effects ordinances like this will have shouldn’t the fundamentals of fairness, prosperity and liberty be strengthen before hasty decisions are made ?

Chris Foote


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom