Community programs

In both commenting on and reading recent articles involving The Center on Campbell Street, I have realized some familiar patterns. First I think it’s important to admit that I have had very strong opinions on the public image and handling of this Center. I have argued that it ‘caters to one group of kids’ and that ‘the neighborhood in which it exists is dangerous’, but I’ve also listened to several other readers and I think that The Center provides an important service to the community.

It is available to at risk and underprivileged children. It gets kids involved, through a variety of services including sports and education. It has been stated that is still very diverse, I cannot say that I’ve had much knowledge of the Center is recent years; I was involved as a child; but I do believe that the public image that is portrayed, heavily by the Sun Gazette through ‘anything but diverse photos’ does very little to support a diverse culture in regards to The Center.

This is something I’d really like to see change; furthermore I’d like to see more publicity toward things like The Center and other programs that help children. We hear nonstop news about all of the bad things that happen within this city but there is very little coverage about the good things, the services, the children, etc. This has to change; perhaps my mindset toward The Center and other such programs would change if the portrayal of them changed.

Perhaps many people would have a change of heart. I am a very sentimental individual to be honest and so I’d be pleased to volunteer my services at such a facility that helps young children prosper, I think that’s very important. But I think it’s also important that such programs are portrayed in their true form.]

Wesley Hickok


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom