Disastrous aftermath

Referring to the article of Feb. 16, Vatican II – 50 years of change recalled by local pastors, Father Manno, Father McCleary and Father Doyle:

Father Manno was right when he said, “Pope John XXIII opened the doors and let the fresh air in!” He certainly did let the fresh air in and Satan with it and Pope Paul II helped.

Pope Paul II even admitted on June 30, 1972, that “the smoke of Satan had entered the church.”

Instead of celebrating 50 years of Vatican II, we should be crying that it ever happened.

Vatican II has had a disastrous aftermath, a “divine warning” about “suicidal” alterations in the liturgy, theology and soul of the church, a prediction that after 1960 “the devil will succeed in leaving the souls of the faithful abandoned by their leaders,” by causing “religious and priests to fall away from their vocations … dragging numerous souls to hell,” and that “nations will disappear from the face of the Earth.”

The third secret of Fatima also does indeed speak to the post-conciliar period to the unprecedented destruction of the Roman liturgy, the universal collapse of church discipline, the pandemic of dissent, the softening of the church’s obdurate opposition to communism, then its disclosure would be nothing less than the unsealing of a Heavenly indictment of the governance of the church since Vatican II. That indictment would implicate some of the bureaucrats who had tried to interdict the conference. It would condemn who had been wrought by the architects of the Vatican-Moscow agreement, and Balam and who still walk the corridors of the Vatican.

Pope Pius X warned about false teaching of ecumension and said, “Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies. Pope Pius V taught that all protestant religions are false and they are inspired by the devil and yet we are letting Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, any religions that reject Christ into our Catholic Churches and changing our Catholic Churches to look protestant. That is a sin against the first commandment. Pope Pius XII warned when he said, “Here we see already the beginning s of what is going to become the greatest heresy in the history of the church that will bring about the greatest suffering the world has ever seen.”

I pray that Pope Francis will lead the church back to our traditional beliefs, and bring our beautiful Latin Mass back and our beautiful churches.

Please say the rosary so Pope Francis releases the full Third Secret of Fatima and consecrates Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart with all the bishops in the world, and Mary will keep her promise. Peace will come to all nations, the whole world.

Mary Banghart